​Dave's at Cedar Walk Barbershop is where

you come to feel like a man, relax, and get

quality service with the ultimate experience


  • ​​​Precision Men's Haircut. $30                        Hot steam towel, razor neck shave, massaging shampoo, finished off with a fresh style and a splash of talc.
  • Beard Trims. $15                           
  • Hand detailed trim to desired shape/ length to have your beard looking its best. 

  • Beard Trims with Straight Razor Detail. $20 
  • This service comes with a relaxing straight razor shave around your freshly trimmed beard, for a more detailed finished look. Hot steam towels, oils, waxes, aftershave and cool towels applied to have your beard looking its finest. 

  • Straight Razor Shave. $30         
  • A relaxing shave with a classic straight razor. Hot leather shave cream, massage oils, hot towels, and gentle cleansers to send you into the most comfortable, ultimate relaxation mode. Toner and cold towels applied, with massaging aftershave and talc.

  • Gray blending/Color Camo. $30                    Not a permanent result, just blend your Gray with your natural color. Only a 10 min process to have you looking 10 years younger! 
    • Teen precision haircut.  $25                         15 years and up, shampoo if desired.

      Hot Lather Head Shave. $28                   Close as skin, leaving you feeling baby smooth! Oils and hot towels, as the shave comes around the head. Finished up with slight scalp massage, aftershave, and talc.

      Barber Steam Facial.  $25                          Exfoliating soaps, gentle cleansers, hot steam towels, cold towel, aftershave, and talc. Followed with a face and scalp massage. Your skin will thank you! 

      Waxing- Brow Maintenance.  $11             Clean up your eyebrows while still having them looking masculine.

    • Gentlemen style. $58                             Combine the Men's Haircut with a Traditional Straight Razor Shave and save! Make the day worth it! 

    • Kids Haircut. $23                                       13 years and under

Straight Razor Save in action, by Sarah Cote